Xero Accounting Software

Xero Certified Adviser

Xero enables us to enter the world of proactive accounting, providing us with the means to help you keep on top of your business. We are Certified Adviser partners for Xero which is a cloud based accounting system. [cloud based means accessed via the internet]. There are many benefits associated with this and we highlight the main ones below. For more information please visit Xero at www.xero.com. 

  • We can customise your Xero chart of accounts to suit your business or provide a chart of accounts that you are already familiar with. [a chart of accounts contains a numerical list of all the accounts to which you post transactions to eg, stationery, telephone, bank]. We can migrate your data from another package or enter your balances and other information if you are computerising your accounts for the first time.
  • We can share the data with you in real time.
  • If you have the expertise to enter the data yourself, or have your own book-keeper, that's fine and we can keep an eye on your accounts from our end.
  • If you don't have the expertise to do the book-keeping you can outsource the book-keeping function to us but you can still look at Xero and keep up to date on the current status of your business.
  • You can access Xero from any computer.
  • Xero is not purchased like traditional accounting software. There is no up front purchase with annual upgrades and support fees. Xero is paid for by monthly subscription and support by Xero is included. We can also provide support if required. Xero upgrades the software from time to time so you are always using the latest version.
  • Xero backs up your data for you so you need never worry about forgetting to backup or losing all your data.


  •  As with all cloud software you will need a reliable broadband connection.

 For more information please contact us.