TaxWise Plus - Our HMRC Investigations, Enquiries and Dispute Service

For a low annual fee this extension to our services covers you against the cost of accountancy fees in the event of an HMRC Investigation or Enquiry into your tax return(s) that we prepare and submit to HMRC for you. You may be selected at random and fees to deal with this, even when there is nothing wrong, can be formidable. Fees are dependant on whether you are an individual tax payer, self-employed, a partnership or limited company. In many cases directors' and partners' personal tax returns can be included with the business fee at no additional charge.

For businesses the service includes disputes with HMRC over tax, VAT, IR35 status and employers' PAYE and NIC.  We also provide access to a 24 hour helpline for advice on employment law and health and safety issues. 

This service is strongly recommended for peace of mind but it is optional and you may prefer to arrange protection elsewhere. Having no protection at all is not recommended as without it you will responsible for all fees incurred in dealing with the enquiry or dispute. With our service in place you will not have to worry about any addtional fees and you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your HMRC enquiry or dispute is being dealt with professionally. The above information is provided for guidance only. Clients can join at any time but details will be provided at key times such as when your annual tax return has been completed. Alternatively please contact us.