Accountancy Services

The accuracy for any accounts or statutory return will depend on the underlying information. In addition to our many years of experience our office is fully computerised and we use the latest state of the art professional applications to assist us.

Preparation of annual or interim accounts

We can prepare accounts from your manual books, spreadsheets, computerised ledgers or even the proverbial “shoe box” of receipts. In most cases this will require us to produce a trial balance before we can finalise your accounts to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (known as GAAP) so we will usually have to perform some book-keeping to achieve this. The better you keep your books and records the easier our job will be. Remember HMRC can penalise you for not keeping adequate records.


If you are too busy running your business, or simply hate book-keeping, we can do it all for you at a frequency to suit you - monthly, quarterly, etc and provide management reports if required. As the computerised ledgers are built up over time, completing vat returns and annual accounts at the end of each period is normally straightforward. Any queries can be raised and dealt with earlier before your memory fades.

Value Added Tax

If we undertake your book-keeping then we are also best placed to complete your vat returns for you. We are also happy to advise on the the many vat schemes available as well as giving general vat advice. We will also submit your completed vat return electronically for you. Payments of vat liabilities also have to made by in an electronic way and this could be by direct debit collected 10 days after the normal due date. That's an extra 10 days grace which can help your cash-flow and no worries about postal delays and penalties for being received late. Alternatively you could pay by credit or debit card from the HMRC website.


Whether you have only one employee or many we can undertake this task for you. We will provide the payslips and deal with all the administration. The payslips and reports can be posted to you or emailed for a very fast turnaround. We deal with all the statutory obligations such as P45s, P46s, statutory sick and maternity pay, complete the employer’s annual returns P35, P14s and and providing the employees’ summary P60s. We submit annual returns electronically. Where benefits and expenses are provided forms P11D may be required but we can help with these too.